Standing Stones 2020: Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in serving this ministry! We will be needing all the hands we can get for camp to run smoothly! To help the current Standing Stones staff better organize responsibilities, please review the duties of each position then answer the following questions as honestly and best as you can.

- Set up stations (field, water, and gym)
- Lead activities for small groups attentively
- Possibly help manage free time activities or tournaments
- Willingness to be outdoors or indoors all five days at camp

Security: 21+
- Protect, guide, abide by and enforce rules to campers
- Keep a watchful eye on campers or any suspicious activities
- Commit time to ensure that all campers are safe and where they should be
- Security members will not be as involved in camp activities, like attending workshops and small group, due to patrolling

- Be trained in first aid care or have nursing/medical background
- Have a constant presence at camp where large amount of campers gather
- Advise campers who need medication or are taking medication to regularly check-in
- Support the head nurse in cases of non-life-threatening injuries, illnesses, and accidents

Please note:
- You are NOT guaranteed to be a Volunteer
- You may be pull out early from workshops or tracks to assist camp activities
- Most volunteers are STILL expected to attend workshops, be part of a small group comprised of other volunteers
- We will contact you within a couple weeks to confirm your application
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