Oktoberfest At The Wilky Pretzel Eating Contest Entry Form
- Complete the form
- Buy a pretzel
- Bring Your best

- $30 Gift Card for The Wilky
- Cost of Entry refunded
- Celebrity Status on The Wilky instagram
- Bragging Rights amongst friends

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Date of Entry *
Agreement To Terms
I have read and understand the Terms outlined below. I realize that if I do not arrive within 10 minutes of my chosen start time I will forfeit my seat in the contest.
Contest Terms
- Entry Limited to 8 Participants Per Day
- Price of Entry is purchase of pretzel
- Winner determined by whoever consumes (1) one Wilky Jumbo Pretzel in the fastest time.
- Each contestant will be alloted (1) one glass of water
- The pretzel will be served as is; No modifications
- The contest is a timed, race-to-completion
- Contestants mouth must be empty and entire pretzel must be swallowed to be considered for completion
- The contest will be judged and winner will be determined solely by The Wilky Staff
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Completion of this form does not guarantee entry. Entry will be awarded once you receive an email confirmation from The Wilky staff.
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