CCAC Buyers Registration
The Circle City Aquarium Club, here unto referred to as CCAC, means to provide an opportunity for hobbyists to buy and sell hobby related items in an open auction format. This is not only to provide a fun and open opportunity to transact business, but to promote growth within the club by allowing members to offer goods in a non-commercialized setting.

You must be registered in order to bid on any/all items. Upon checking in at the registration table at the auction, you will be given a numbered paddle in order to bid. By filling out this form, you agree to the terms and conditions.

When checking in for the auction you will be assigned a number based on the type of payment selected.

By filling out this form, you agree to pay in accordance with the agreed upon price/winning bid for all items purchased.
Buyer's Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions for buyers. Please acknowledge the rules below.

1. You must be registered in order to bid on any/all items.
a. Pre-registration can be completed as desired by completing the Buyer’s Questionnaire located on the club website

2. Upon registration, you will be given a numbered paddle in order to bid.
a. If you pre-register, your paddle will be available to you at the Buyer’s Registration table.

3. Bidding on an item is a contract to buy. Only winning bids are held to the contract.

4. Do not bid if you do not intend to pay.

5. All purchases must be paid for the day of the sale, NO EXCEPTIONS

6. Buyers shall pay via one of three approved methods: Cash, Check or Charge.
a. If paying by cash, please give cash to the runner. Change will be provided.
b. If paying by check, leave a signed check with the Registration table.
c. If paying by credit card, please leave your credit card and drivers license with Registration.

7. Bids will be accepted in dollar increments.

8. All purchases become the responsibility of the buyers once the item is sold.

9. Any single item may be placed at the front of the line for a fee of $3.00

10. The CCAC, nor the auction host, will not and cannot be held responsible for injuries and/or lost or stolen items while on the premised.
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