Woodwind Doubler Census 2020
If you consider yourself a woodwind doubler of any ability level, you are invited to take the survey.

All questions are 100% optional. You may skip as many as you like.

Information collected in this survey may be used for future blog posts at bretpimentel.com. Nothing that can be used to personally identify you will be used without your permission.
Demographic information
Remember, all questions are optional
Gender identity
Clear selection
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Which of these best describes where you live?
Clear selection
Describe your current level of formal education (in any field).
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Woodwind doubling abilities
Which woodwind instruments do you play, and at what levels?
Consider "flute" to include piccolo, "oboe" to include English horn, and so forth.
Not at all
Casual dabbler
Strong amateur
Semi-pro or college music major
Any folk, ethnic, or historical woodwind(s)
Any woodwind-style electronic instrument(s)
Clear selection
Which instruments do you...
alto flute
other member(s) of the modern flute family
English horn
other member(s) of the oboe family
E-flat clarinet
B-flat clarinet
A clarinet
bass clarinet
other member(s) of the clarinet family
soprano saxophone
alto saxophone
tenor saxophone
baritone saxophone
other member(s) of the saxophone family
bamboo, wooden, or similar sideblown flute(s)
other folk, ethnic, or historical woodwind(s)
electronic wind instrument(s)
consider your "primary" instrument, if any?
not own, and have had to turn down gigs because of that?
How do you primarily identify yourself as a musician?
Clear selection
Do you have "primary" and "secondary" instruments?
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Which of these challenges have significantly affected your success as a woodwind doubler? Define "significantly affected" and "success" as you see fit. You may choose multiple answers.
Which of these benefits of woodwind doubling have made a significant difference for you? Define "significant difference" as you see fit. You may choose multiple answers.
What is/are your best woodwind doubling tip(s)?
Which was your first instrument, among the major woodwinds?
Clear selection
Which of these have been part of your education on woodwind instruments?
select all that apply
What factors influenced to to first get involved in woodwind doubling?
What sources have you used to learn about or otherwise engage with woodwind doubling?
What is your main source of income? (under normal circumstances)
Clear selection
Which types of paid woodwind doubling gigs have you done in the past?
select all that apply - include only paid gigs involving instruments from multiple woodwind families
Which of these do you play?
select all that apply
How often do you improvise (such as jazz improvisation) on gigs?
Clear selection
On average, how frequently do you have woodwind doubling gigs? (under normal circumstances)
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What kind of competition is there for woodwind doubling gigs in your area?
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Which of the following teaching situations are part of your income?
Select all that apply. Some may overlap.
How has woodwind doubling affected your employability?
Clear selection
Which of these have resulted from your woodwind doubling?
select all that apply
What woodwind-doubling-related goals or ambitions do you have, that you have not (fully) achieved yet?
What are your proudest or most significant achievements as a woodwind doubler?
Remember, all questions are optional. You can let me know who you are if you like, or you can remain anonymous. Your personal information will not be used for anything besides my personal curiosity without your permission.
What is your name?
(totally optional)
Where do you live?
(totally optional; as vague or specific as you like, but stick to truthful geographical designations)
What is your main gig, performing group, teaching institution, etc.?
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What is your website address?
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Any other comments you would like to share?
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