Folding Bike requirements
We are a team of 2nd year engineers at the University of Glasgow and we created this form to collect data from bike and more specifically folding bike users as part of our research for our engineering project.
Please rank these characteristics on the basis of importance from 1 to 15 *
1st choice
2nd choice
3rd choice
4th choice
5th choice
6th choice
7th choice
8th choice
9th choice
10th choice
11th choice
12th choice
13th choice
14th choice
15th choice
Pedal Stroke Efficiency
Braking Distance
Comfort of Ride
Speed of Folding Time
Light weight
Folding Mechanism
Folded size/ Fits in luggage storage
Adjustable for different heights
Ease of locking
Cost efficient
Have you got any other important requirements to suggest?
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