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IMPORTANT: While the Project Director does not need to send HR a copy of current proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. (that is part of the employee's onboarding in Zenefits), You DO need to ensure that the person you are hiring is eligible BEFORE they begin work for your project. List of acceptable documents here:
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** Please Note** Projects should have at least three months in reserve in their Aplos funds to cover this new employee's wages and if applicable employer portion of benefits costs. Employees are eligible for benefits if they work 25+ hours per week. Depending on the employee's choice of plan, health, vision and dental can cost a project up to $514 per month. In addition, each employee must earn at least your state's and/or locality's minimum wage, and must accrue your states minimum hours of Sick Leave. Minimum wage for states can be found here: Minimum Sick Leave Laws can be found here:
Will the employee be hourly or salary? *
Hourly Rate (or N/A) *
If the employee is hourly, time-sheets are required and will be entered by the employee in our HR platform, Zenefits and must be approved by their manaager each pay period.
Annual Salary (or N/A) *
Provide annual salary (figure must be at a full-time equivalent FTE rate, ie. what the employee will actually receive annually)
Work Week Hours *
**Please Note**Employees that work 25 or more hours each week on a consistent basis are entitled to Social Good Fund-sponsored health insurance benefits, including Medical, Dental and Vision. Projects are fully responsible for the employer portion of contributions for benefits. Tax Advantaged Options such as FSA, Dependent Care FSA and Retirement Plan (403(b))are all described in detail in the Benefits Summary in the New Hire Packet, available at the top of this form.
Any additional compensation to be included in the offer? Examples include stipends (taxable), sign on bonuses (taxable), or recurring/monthly reimbursements (non-taxable). *
Employee's Work Location other than home (Address/City/Sate and Zip Code) or N/A if 100% from home.
What percentage of work, if any do you estimate employee will do from home? *
Summary of Activity if any checked above
Will employee be working with vulnerable populations (youth under 18 years of age, elderly, other vulnerable) *
Is the employee a minor (under 18) at hire date? (if so we will need to work with you on obtaining a work permit depending on the situation) *
If so, they will need to complete their portion of this form and return to us for review, we are the employer and will complete the remaining employer sections. :
What do you estimate the cost having this employee on payroll for your project for three months to be? *
What is your current fund balance in Aplos? *
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