New Faces Children's Play Audition Form
Auditions sign up for the New Faces Children's Play. Auditions are on Thursday, October 26 at 3:30 in the O'Plaine Auditorium.
Activity Conflict with Auditions
Cast applicants: If you are in an activity that conflicts with auditions. Please let me know whether you need to audition early or later. Please keep in contact with the director if you need to audition early or late. Callbacks may be on Friday, October 27th.
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List any and all conflicts (work, church, extra curricular, choir, band, speech, V2) between weekdays from 3:30 – 7:00pm. Please be honest when listing conflicts. If you need to miss rehearsal, please notify your director. Listing potential conflicts does not excuse you from rehearsals. You still must communicate with your director.
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Theatre Experience
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Special Skills
What special skills do you have? (singing, juggling, mime, whistling, etc.)
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Crew Lead Qualifications
Please give a detailed description of why you are personally qualified to lead the crew of your choice. (the more detail the better) If you listed more than one crew, please address each position of interest.
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Registration & Conduct
Please read the following before auditioning.
Registration- Please Register Now. You can not be cast or in the show unless you do this. *
Activity Eligibility & Code of Conduct - My parents and I understand and agree to the terms of being involved in the cast of Warren Theatre production specifically WTHS's eligibility and code of conduct. *
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Write your NAME and DATE to acknowledge that you understand the roles, responsibilities, and time commitment of being involved in a Warren Theatre production from the beginning to strike.
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