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This form is for all folks invested in the AA framework and Ecosystem and want to host/learn from workshops in the future. Based on interest in each city, we will fix dates and let the interested folks know.

India has taken its first step in empowering Indians with control over their data through the RBI-driven Account Aggregator (AA) system. The Account Aggregator (AA) helps citizens & small businesses share their financial data, across the sectors of banking, insurance, securities, taxation, pension funds, and telecom, in a safe, secure, and consented manner.

An AA merely acts as a conduit between FIUs (Financial Information User) and FIP (Financial Information Provider) and does not process the data. An AA is ‘data-blind’ as the data that flows through an AA is encrypted and can be processed only by the FIU for whom the data is intended. An AA also does not and cannot store any user’s data – thus, the potential for leakage and misuse of user’s data is prevented.

Workshops are tailored for Fintech CXOs and Product leads. Sahamati is a collective of the players in the Account Aggregator eco-system. (Website URL -

You can learn more about the Data Empowerment and Protection Architecture here:

The workshop will cover,

- The problems the AA ecosystem solves
- Real world use-cases
- The AA business model
- Tech readiness for prospective Financial Information Users (FIUs) and Financial Information Providers (FIPs)

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