Pumpkin Fundraiser Sponsored by Eberwhite PTO
Let’s celebrate the changing season and support Eberwhite with pumpkins from Slow Farm!

Please use this form to pre-order pumpkins and choose one of two pickup options: (1) At an outdoor, socially-distanced Pumpkin Party on October 10th from 2-5pm OR (2) Through contactless pickup at our one of our Drop By events at Virginia or Allmendinger Parks (Dates/Times TBD). Pumpkins must be pre-ordered with this form to participate in the fundraiser. Participants will then be contacted via email to complete the payment process.

Orders must be received by midnight on Thursday October 8th!
Email address *
How many pumpkins would you like? These are pie pumpkins, perfect for baking or painting, roughly 2-5lbs, and $5 each.
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I would like to pickup my pumpkins at an outdoor, socially-distanced pumpkin party at Slow Farm on Saturday October 10 from 2-5pm. Families who choose this option will be able to participate in pumpkin decorating and other activities TBD. All participants will be required to wear masks and maintain social-distancing. *
If you would like to participate in the pumpkin party at Slow Farm, please indicate how many people will attend:
Instead of the Pumpkin party, I would like to pickup my pumpkins through a contactless process at an upcoming Drop By event at Virginia Park or Allmendinger Park. (Dates/Times TBD) *
I would like to pay with (You will be contacted via email with next steps on payment): *
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