Lead IoT Engineer
As the lead IoT engineer at Tovala, you will work across the software and hardware teams to manage the connected features of our ovens. New initiatives include adding metrics to cook cycles to improve efficiency and reliability, better user notifications and interaction, and a new system to manage the fleet of connected ovens from one location. You'll be building tools to make our customers' experience better, to provide customer service with the data they need to help diagnose issue, and for the engineering team to improve the product.
Our ovens are based on the ElectricImp IoT platform.

About You
- You've worked with IoT electronics at the hobby level or higher
- You know how to read MCU datasheets to find that one register you need to set
- You've worked with digital on-board protocols like SPI and i2c
- You can write software that runs on servers to help manage IoT devices
- You have some familiarity with structuring a RESTful API
- You want to work in an environment that takes a people-first approach; values humility, integrity and ambition; and is focused on creating a culture that keeps people happy and challenged
- You understand and believe in the importance of delicious, healthy food

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