Called General Conference small group processing sessions
On February 23-26 delegates will meet in St. Louis to act on a report from the Commission on a Way Forward, a group proposed by the Council of Bishops and authorized by the 2016 General Conference to discuss and make recommendations about language in the Book of Discipline regarding human sexuality.

Though I am not United Methodist myself, I graduated from Candler School of Theology. Many of my coachees are United Methodist. My best friends - some of my former seminary classmates - are UM ministers. My husband of 15 years is an elder in full connection and the pastor of two UM churches. As a result, I have a deep respect for the United Methodist Church and a good sense of the import of the called General Conference for clergy and congregations. And yet, I am not a member of the UMC. I believe that this outsider-insider perspective along with my commitments as a coach make me a good candidate to facilitate conversations with clergy in the UMC about next steps.

I invite you into a 50-minute, small group (6 participants or fewer) discussion that is tentatively structured as follows:

--How am I feeling? What self-care do I need to engage in?
--What are the possible impacts of the decision(s) on my ministry setting and individuals within it?
--What are the possible impacts of the decision(s) on me personally and my ministry?
--How do I want to show up in and for my ministry setting right now?
--What do I need to know that I don't yet? How might I find out?
--What are my immediate next steps?
--What support do I need, and where might I find it?

We will bookend our time together with prayer for clergy and congregations.

There is no charge for these processing sessions. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the form below. I will contact you with a day, time, and Zoom link by the week prior.

Peace and hope be with you in these uncertain days.

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