Vendor Agreement 2018-19 School Year - Adena After School Enrichment Program

Tentative dates for Fall REGISTRATION: August 16-31, 2018
Tentative date for beginning Fall SESSION: September 10, 2018

Tentative dates for Winter REGISTRATION: December 15, 2018-January 14, 2019
Tentative date for beginning Winter SESSION: January 22, 2018

Sessions will last 6 consecutive weeks (unless prior arrangements have been made per vendor agreement), with the exception that no classes will be held on the following dates. It is also likely that there will be additional conflicts once the school calendar is finalized in the days right before the school year begins. Vendors will be alerted as schedules are finalized.

Make up days will be in the weeks IMMEDIATELY following, with one backup date scheduled in advance in case it is needed for weather issues, illness, etc. However, the backup date is NOT to be used without PRIOR APPROVAL of the school.

No After School Enrichment Program classes will be held on the following days in Fall, 2018.

• Sept. 27 - Conferences day/night
• Oct. 10 - Conferences day/night
• Oct. 15 - Fall Break
• Oct. 18 - Conferences day/night
- Oct. 26- Trunk or Treat
• Nov. 5- Day before Election day - no use of GYM
• Nov. 6 - Election day (no school)
• Nov. 21-23 - Thanksgiving break
• Dec. 19-Jan. 3 - Winter break
• Tentative Oct. 3-12 – Book fair – Media center classes ONLY may need to canceled, if alternative location cannot be found

No After School Enrichment Program classes will be held on the following days in Winter, 2019.

• Jan. 21 - MLK Day (no school)
- Jan. 31- Science Night
• Feb. 12 - Conferences day/night
• Feb. 15, 18 – President’s Day (no school)
• March 18- March 22- Spring Break
- April 19, 22- Easter weekend
• May 9-10– Adena Fun Fest ( set up + event)
• Tentative: Feb. 2-14- Book fair – Media center classes ONLY may need to canceled, if alternative location cannot be found
- Tentative Feb 25- Mar 15- March Madness- gym classes ONLY may need to be canceled if gym is being used at that time.


1.) Review of Informational Packet/Website: It is expected that you will review the posting on our informational packet & website (which will be identical), including the class description, cost, dates, etc. If we do not receive feedback at the requested time, it will be assumed that you have approved everything as posted.

2.) Adena PTO responsibility: The PTO acts as a facilitator to help connect the vendors and Adena families through our sign-up process on the website, provides rosters to the instructors and school, and assists in initial class tuition collection. In the uncommon situation that a family has not paid tuition by the given deadline, vendors can determine whether payment will be personally collected during the Enrichment class period or whether the child will be un-enrolled from the class. This decision needs to be made several days BEFORE class begins in order to develop rosters and determine the Building Usage Fee.

3.) Building Usage Fee: You will be informed of the amount required to be paid for the 10% Building Usage Fee when rosters are developed for your class, based upon the number of registrations and checks received. Please write a check to Adena Elementary PTO, memo it as the “Building Usage Fee for (insert class)” and address it to the PTO Treasurer. This check must be turned in at the office when arriving at Adena for your first class. Class fees not received for students that the vendor agreed to personally collect WILL be included in the Building Usage Fee.

4.) Picking up tuition checks: You may pick up your tuition checks at the school office when signing into the building for your first class (or another time, at your convenience). Tuition checks will not be released without the vendor providing a check for the pre-determined Building Usage Fee. The vendor is responsible for collecting any class fees, previously agreed upon, that were not already collected. In additional, no checks will be released, and no classes will be held unless an instructor's name has already been placed on the "approved background check" list (see item #6).

5.) Responsibility for Students/Entering Building: ALL Adena After School Enrichment classes are required to have a 3:20 pm posted start time due to the school’s dismissal routine. Due to security procedures, you will be allowed into your classroom at 3:10, which is when classes are dismissed. Vendors are responsible for children BEGINNING AT 3:10 pm. It is the Instructor/Vendor's responsibility to make sure they have left adequate time to get to their classroom to take responsibility for the children at this time. The students can arrive any time between 3:10 pm and 3:20 pm to your class, depending on how smoothly dismissal goes that day. The front parking lot is the best for unloading equipment and parking.

6.) BACKGROUND CHECKS: The safety of our students is of utmost importance. Therefore, it is required that ALL Adena After School Enrichment Program instructors provide Lakota/Adena with copies of BOTH a BCI and FBI check. They do not have to be done through Lakota. However, if they are not done through Lakota, the background check must be submitted to Central Office ahead of time, who must then verify that these checks are the correct ones needed. Please be aware that many other background checks do NOT pass Central Office Approval and can take MUCH longer to receive approval/denial. Therefore, it is HIGHLY recommended that the background check simply be conducted through Lakota Central Office. Central Office states that they sometimes need UP TO 6 WEEKS to process background checks. Therefore, PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY!

All background checks must be completed BEFORE the start of registration! A list of approved instructors/volunteers will be kept at the office. No checks will be released, and no classes will be held, unless an instructor's name has been previously placed on the "approved background check" list.

If the instructor is using an assistant who does NOT have an approved background check, the assistant needs to be in direct visual supervision of someone who does have the approved background checks AT ALL TIMES. The person with the background check has ultimate responsibility for making sure their assistant is supervised appropriately. This policy will be especially important to keep in mind, in case you need to replace an instructor for illness or other reasons. The replacement instructor needs to have an approved background check, and the Vendor is responsible for making sure that this occurs ahead of time.

The background checks are valid for one year UNLESS the instructor is at a Lakota School at least once within the next 365 days. If so, it continues to be valid. This process continues each year, for up to 5 years.

This background check can be completed at the Lakota Central Office (5572 Princeton Road; Liberty Township, OH 45011) during the following times: Tuesdays from 7:30 am-9:30 am and Thursdays from 3:00 pm-5:00 pm (subject to change). My understanding is that they will also do it by appointment if you call and request it at 513-644-1193. Payment is by money order, check or EXACT cash to pay for the fingerprinting. The instructor will also need a Driver License or State ID, as well as a social security card if you are being fingerprinted. Current costs (subject to change): $55 for both BCI and FBI background check; $28.50 for ONLY FBI background check; $26.50 for ONLY BCI background check.

7.) Cancellation of classes:
• If a class is cancelled, due to weather or another reason, it is expected that a makeup class will occur in the week immediately following the end of the session. One makeup day will be automatically scheduled, to ensure room availability.
• The VENDOR IS RESPONSIBLE for contacting the parents/guardians of the students in their classes if classes are cancelled for any reason, including weather-related reasons. (The vendor will be contacted by the Adena PTO or school if this situation occurs.)
• The school needs to be alerted that the previously scheduled make-up day will be used, so that they can ensure that children get to where they need to go.

8.) Emergencies:
• Vendors are responsible for the children in their care, beginning at 3:10 pm until they are picked up. Therefore, it is expected that they will do what is necessary in the case of an emergency, to make alternative arrangements for supervision. Vendors will be provided with all contact information of parents/guardians/ emergency contacts, as well as recommended plans for emergency care (preferred doctors, hospitals), if chosen to be provided by individual parents.
• Arrangements for emergency medications, such as Epi-Pens or inhalers, should be made DIRECTLY with the parents, as there will be NO ACCESS to the Nurse's office to retrieve stored medications after school hours.

9.) Pick up procedure: Vendors are expected to take reasonable precautions when signing out children to ensure that they are released to the appropriate caregiver.

10.) By agreeing to conduct a class within the Adena After School Enrichment Program, you have agreed that you read these vendor policies and agree to comply with the issues stated within the document.

If you have any questions, please contact Nick Nanavati at 513-289-6782 or

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Classes that build upon skills can potentially be run in both Fall and Winter sessions. Those that are stand-alone will be run once per year.
Grade levels to be accepted for the After School Enrichment class: *
Adena Elementary has children in grades 2-6. Many of our classes accept all grade levels, although it is also important to balance the various developmental stages/needs of students. If your class is not appropriate for this entire age group, please be aware that by decreasing the amount of students eligible, it will affect the number of children we can attract to your class.
Minimum number of students accepted, for the class to be held: *
If your class does not meet your class minimum by the last day of registration, the PTO reserves the right to AUTOMATICALLY CANCEL your class. You will be sent an e-mail following the last day of registration, and the PTO will return to the parents any payments received for your class (if collected by the PTO). We may not be calling you to see if you want to readjust your minimum number, so please carefully consider your minimum number now.
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Class fee PER student (which INCLUDES 10% building usage fee): *
The lower the class fee, the more children we tend to attract to the class! Please note that all classes are subject to a 10% building usage fee, as required by the Lakota Local School District. Therefore, the fee you specify should include the 10% building usage fee. Non-Lakota employees will need to make out a check made payable to the Adena PTO for 10% of the total amount of the class fees. Lakota Local School District employees teaching an after school class will be compensated at an hourly rate according to the Master Agreement on file with the Human Resources Department of the Lakota Local School District.
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Class Description *
EXACTLY as you want it posted on the registration website, to attract students. Note: if you are already a vendor, and there are no changes to the previous posting, please indicate below. You can also choose to provide an attachment. If you would like to review a posting from the most recent session, please go to
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Class dismissal time and number of sessions: *
Class START time is NOT negotiable.
Please indicate revisions for DISMISSAL time or NUMBER of weeks in session, if chose "I need to change my dismissal time" OR "I need the session length to be different":
If keeping a 6 week session from 3:20pm-4:20pm, please skip this question.

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1st choice for day of the week to hold class: *
We will do the best we can to accommodate this. Please keep in mind that we are doing our best to spread out the offerings so that classes are not taking students away from one another, as we would like students to take as many classes as they would prefer. Your cooperation with this is appreciated!
2nd choice for day of the week to hold class: *
Please check the following box to indicate that you have read and accept the Adena After School Enrichment Program policies: *
Thank you! We will review your information, then get back to you to confirm eligibility and/or assigned days. For questions, please contact Hilary Knecht at 513-207-9596 or
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