Adventure Media 2023 Application
Thank you for your interest in applying for spot in CMI 4313-H01 (Adventure Media) for Spring 2023. Applications are due at 11:59 p.m., October 23, 2022. Please email Jerod Foster ( if you have any questions or would like to request more information about the course before applying.
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Please explain why you want to attend the Adventure Media program, what you want to gain from the class, and how you will use it in your future (personally and/or professionally). *
Please identify three strengths you possess for participating in a course steeped in field-based experience, visual media production, and collaboration like Adventure Media. *
Likewise, please identify three ways a course like Adventure Media will grow you professionally and/or personally. *
List any media production skills you confidently possess (ex. photography, video production, writing, graphic design/illustration, web production, etc.). *
Do you own any media production equipment? If so, please list them below (this does not determine entry into the class, so if you're answer is no, that's OK). *
Rate your experience with outdoor recreation activities (camping, hiking, backpacking, etc.). *
No experience
Frequent, intense experience
Rate your experience with cycling activities (road cycling, mountain biking, bikepacking/touring, etc.). *
I don't know how to ride a bicycle (totally fine, BTW)
I eat century bike rides across the Atlas Mountains for breakfast.
Rate your current level of aerobic/endurance fitness. *
Couch potato status
I am an Olympic athlete
Rate your ability to work with a team. *
I am a lone wolf
Teamwork makes the dreamwork!
Are you CPR certified? *
Are you currently Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder certified? *
Given the backcountry nature of the course's "classroom," we are currently considering requiring all accepted students to enroll in an affordable, online Wilderness First Aid Certification course (cost is approximately $35-40). Are you willing to complete such a course if accepted (this has no bearing on whether or not you are actually accepted; rather, we are gauging interest in the course being incorporated into the course curriculum, much like a text book in other courses)?
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This class takes place on the following dates: Saturday, January 14; Saturday, January 28; Saturday, February 18; Saturday and Sunday, March 4-5; Saturday through Saturday, March 11-18; Saturday, March 25; Saturday, April 15; Saturday, April 29. Are you committed to blocking off these dates? *
This class may incur additional costs apart from tuition. Costs may include several meals, personal equipment, and travel costs (fuel), etc. How reasonable is it for you to spend up to $200 in addition to class tuition for such items (keep in mind that there are no required textbooks for the course, but there is a bike rental fee if you do not already own a suitable one or plan to purchase one). *
Not reasonable at all
Very reasonable
It is important to note that a field course of this nature does not come without its physical risks (related to multiple days biking in rugged and periodic backcountry environments, primitive camping scenarios, and endurance activities). Each student accepted into the course is required to sign a "Release and Hold Harmless Agreement" from Texas Tech University. Are you committed to signing this agreement? *
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