Summer Data Journalism Mentor Signup Sheet
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Past student work: (note: this includes work from graduates and our fall D3 course, too)

This is much less an application than a way for me to figure out who all y'all are and to brief students about who might be involved. If you'd like to send this around to people who might be interested, I've also included a lot of words below.

***I'm looking for around 20 mentors total, and everyone's remote, so please send around!***

TL;DR - I'll trade you $1000 for mentoring a couple Lede Program students for 6 weeks this summer while they're working on data projects. 75 mins per student per week.

* Scheduling: Lede students will be creating independent data journalism projects between approximately July 3 and August 14 (6 weeks). The first week will be predominantly pitching, and after that it'll be a mix of pitching and critique. They'll be expected to complete one project each week.

* Time investment: We're hoping to have a total of 75 minutes spent on the mentorship each week (it was originally an hour, but our semesters is shorter than expected!). How you split the time up is up to you, but I think two thirty-minute Skype chats plus responding to a few emails a week is a decent combo.

* Mentees: Lede is a post-bac program, so they're all out of school with generally a few years of experience. You'll be cycled through different students every week or two.

* Their skills: They've been through about 6-7 weeks of Python data analysis bootcamp, so they'll have various levels of skills involving obtaining, processing, and visualizing data. Assume with the help of a TA they can probably do most non-web data things.

* Your skills: This is a big experiment, so I'm pretty open in terms of your skillset! Since they're doing projects start-to-finish each week they'll need advice on everything from pitch development to polishing their visualizations, and they'll appreciate whatever you can contribute.

* Projects: They really really range! The students are all new to all of this, though, so it's very much trial by fire. The general workflow is track down the data, use Python for analysis, export to an SVG, then clean up in Illustrator.

* Compensation: $1000 total for 2 students each week, $500 if you'd just like one. I might switch some folks to 1 student in case we have a lot of mentors!

* Tech stuff: You shouldn't need to provide technical advice to the students (unless it's broad strokes), as they'll have teaching assistants available for coding questions during lab hours. But if you'd like to do code reviews or something, that's cool, too!

* Keeping time in check: Nothing's worse than feeling guilty about not wanting to spend a thousand hours a week helping someone out, right? We'll have some systems in place to help out in case you get a student who loooves to ask questions every 5 minutes, including proxy email addresses that gather up the messages instead of having them contact you directly.

Any questions?

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