Sh'Bang! A Festival of Ideas!
Thanks for your interest in bringing visual art innovation to Sh’bang!
We welcome proposals that are interactive, innovative, performative, experiential, educational and any and all things art.

Below you'll find visual art specific information followed by an application!

Monster Parade Piñata!!!
Every year we seek an artist to lead innovative piñata making! We traditionally suspend the piñata high between two trees then strap a human into counter-levered ropes and send them soaring into the air too... with a bat...blindfolded! Artists Nonny & Ez designed a parading piñata monster with multiple sound-making sections while other piñatas have included "the inside out pinata" and the springy sproingy piñata! Photo by Eric James
Artist Info
As "A Festival of Ideas", we are on the lookout for interactive, innovative, performative, experiential, education, and immersive visual art! We seek skilled artists to build art environments, sculptural light installations, stage design, thematic zone decor, or build an entire thematic art building!

If you are specifically interested in vending your work, please refer instead to the vendor application.

Art creation and instal takes place during Sh'build! Aug 31-Sept 06th 2018. Sh'build is an opportunity to immerse in creative collaboration alongside other artists while camping, eating delicious organic meals, jumping in the water for swim breaks, and steaming by night in the sauna. If you need more time than this to build your work please let us know and we will see what we can do to accamodate.

There is forest and meadow tent camping on site as well as various locations for vehicle camping during both Sh'build and Sh'bang. Drinking water spouts from all our taps! We provide 3 home cooked organic meals a day during Sh'build. During Sh'bang we will have local/organic focused food vendors on site Friday through Sunday.

Sh'bang is not like most festival models! We prioritize immersion in extravagant creativity, providing a platform for experimentation and new ideas. It’s a festival made by artists for artists and is primarily volunteer run! Sh'bang supports the creation of infrastructure for the Lookout Arts Quarry, a collectively owned remediated rock quarry turned art center, which in turn supports the artist in residency program ( and other artistically inclined endeavors. Our vision is to build an accessible and affordable cultural hub in nature for artists to replenish, tune in, and develop the more experimental edges of their creative beings. In turn, we value you, and want to support you and your art in as many ways as we can. As well as, or in lieu of pay/covering travel costs, we may be able to offer a combination of the following: organic delicious meals, unusual forms of creative support, access to Quarry artist facilities and artist residency program in the off season, love and sass! Let us know what would feel fair to you and we will do our best to provide!

We love having kids at Sh’bang!

Though we have allowed pet goats to attend Sh'bang in the past please don’t bring your dog fluffy or fido no matter how adorable! (We apologize for the inconvenience! Our ducks and other farm friends quack a thanks : )

Thanks for your interest in bringing your work to Sh’bang! Please fill out the following questionnaire and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Thematic Art Building the Crosst Eyed Chapel
Made from scrap moldings, tin, and other recycled wood, woven with glimmering glass, porcelain and other miniature treasures, and strung with hand-blown glass bells, the Crosst Eyed Chapel serves as a non-denominational space of worship. Sunday the bells ring out and and odd assortment of preachers and instruments show up to sing out the morning gospel!  Build Artist Heather Dawn Sparks, Glass bells by David White, Photo by Eric James
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If online work is not available or if you wish to add supporting material, please email images that represent your skills and project vision to Please include image descriptions with emailed work.
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Proposed Location
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Please include footprint size, component size, or any other relevant measurement info we might want to know!
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Do you intend to supply all materials necessary to create the artwork? Do you require support sourcing materials? Were you hoping to use on-site materials? Please let us know what your needs are. We prioritize art that utilizes recycled and sustainably sourced materials. We will decline any projects that may damage the surrounding wetland habitat.
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Onsite tech & equipment needs
Do you require on-site heavy equipment support? Will you be supplying your own power tools or do you require use of ours? What other on-site technical support (ie. lighting, sound, etc) will you require? Please include details
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Set up plan
Let us know the length of time you require for set up
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Strike plan
Unless prior arrangements are made, all art installations must be dismantled and taken off site within 1 weeks time. Acceptions are made for thematic art buildings and other art installations that have been granted approval to stay on site.
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Transport plan
How do you intent to transport the materials you need to build the art piece?
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Material disposal plan
Will all project and excess materials leave the site or do you need access to recycling, composting, burnables or garbage disposal? We prioritize visual work that is sustainably minded, re-usable, and does not require garbage disposal
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Does your project require a budget?
If so, please outline a budget breakdown below
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Are there any other Sh'bang artists, you are hoping to collaborative with
This is your chance to share any additional inspiration! let us know if there are particular Sh'bang artists or troupes you're hoping to collaborate with
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Do you have any additional workshops, performances, musical offerings or other wondrous creations you'd be interested in sharing at Sh'bang?
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How do you know about Sh'bang?
Have you been part of Sh'bang crew before? Are you pals with a quarrior? let us know how you found out about us!
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Are there other bands, performers or artists you recommend we reach out to?
If so, please include a way we can contact them!
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Cardboard Set Design for the Sideshow Stage
Artists Morgan Moonshine & Daniel Sloan created a cardboard stage set as well as led cardboard costume making workshops over the course of the weekend. Performance by Islando Sparks of Odds Are, Photo by Emily Smith
Muralist Taylor White
Taylor White live mural painted over the course of Sh'bang, leaving her mark in the form of a permanent mural painted on the side of our warehouse dance studio. Photo by Eric Parthum, Dancer Drea Lusion.
Thanks for applying!!!!!!
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