GMK Burgundy Round2 Keycaps set GB
This is group buy for GMK Burgundy Round2 keycaps set.

GB will be progressed with proxies. (KR / US / EU / CN)
And in case of SEA and Asia excepting CN, I will handle this area.

1. Kit
GB price depends on MOQ and if we will hit the 2nd MOQ, GB price will be lower.
Below price is just Base MOQ price. (You can check 2nd MOQ price in GB page)

(1) Base kit (100MOQ, With Tray) : $165 (including Paypal fees, USD)
(2) Icon Modi kit (100MOQ) : $81 (including Paypal fees, USD)
(3) KR kit (100MOQ) : $53 (including Paypa fees, USD)

2. Packing and Shipping
Packing and shipping cost might vary depending on order quantities.
International shipping with tracking number and maybe delivered within 1~2weeks.
So please check below,
(1) Basic
1 Base : Flat $24 (including Paypal fees, USD)
1 Base + 1 Icon Modi and/or 1 KR : Flat $24 (including Paypal fees, USD)
1 Icon Modi and/or 1 KR : Flat $21

(2) Additional
- +$4(USD)/additional base 1set will be added.
- +$2(USD)/additional Icon modi 1set will be added.
- +$2(USD)/additional KR kit will be added.

3. Information.
- Invoice will be sent after GB closed.
- Payment due date will be within 1 weeks after invoicing.
- All news will be updated in main page of GB thread.

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