SSE Eboard Nomination - Winter 2019
Nominate yourself for an SSE Executive Board position for the school year spanning the Spring of 2019 up through the Winter of 2020.


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Position Candidate is running for *
If you would like to run for several positions, please fill out this form once for each position you'd like to run for. You may submit separate bios for each position (see below).
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Will the candidate be a full time undergraduate student for the duration of the 2019-2020 school year? *
You will be asked to provide a bio for the purpose of advertising yourself to students before they vote. You may provide this now or submit it later. You will NOT show up on the ballot without submitting a bio. *
Candidate Bio (can submit later, see question above)
Consider including information that gives you credibility for the position for which you're running, general information about you like your major, grade level, etc., and why you think you'd make a good VP, Webmaster, etc.
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