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Everything in 15x4 is done by the volunteers. We have several teams that deal with different kind of tasks. Please read the description below and think which of those teams you would like to join..

* *Speakers preparation team* finds speakers, organizes rehearsals and other events related to speakers selection and preparations.
* *Sponsors & partners team* finds sponsors and partners to fulfill our needs - locations for events, catering, merchandise, prizes and presents, etc.
* *Summer festival team* is busy with designing and organizing summer festival 2020.
* *Video team* is taking care of recording, processing and publishing videos of the talks. They might also help with other kinds of videos for 15x4.
* *Design team* is taking care of both regular visuals (talk icons, screens and teasers) and additional designs whenever needed.
* *Website team* is working on the updated 15x4 Munich website.
* *Social media team* is managing 15x4 Munich social media and newsletter.
* *Event organization and experience team* takes care of organizing events all the way from boring technicalities to developing new ideas for enhancing guest experience and bringing some more fun to our serious events.

We also have two additional roles in 15x4 Munich, which do not exactly fall into team structure:
* *Photographers* - all of our events are lovingly documented by our great photographers @Iuliia Aulkina @Victoria Karaseva @Mei
* *15x4 Munich coordinator* - this is the person having an overview of everything major happening within 15x4, organizing regular meetings of team coordinators and the whole 15x4 Munich team. Munich coordinator is also the one introducing new volunteers into the team, so this person will contact you after you filled out this form.

You are welcome to join any of the teams or in a role of photographer, engage with the tasks they are working on and provide input to the ideas they are developing. You are welcome to join more than one team if you have the time and/or the desire to learn!
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