Bring Howard Bailey Home: Veteran Sign On Letter

Dear Governor McAuliffe:

As veterans, we request that you grant a gubernatorial pardon to U.S. Navy veteran Howard Bailey, so that Mr. Bailey may again have an opportunity to live in the United States. He is a proud veteran of the United States Navy who served during Operation Desert Storm and deserves to return to the United States.  

We understand that Mr. Bailey was born in Jamaica, and he first arrived in the United States at age 17 as a lawful permanent resident. He worked hard in school and, shortly after graduation, he joined a pre-entry program for the United States Navy.  Mr. Bailey formally enlisted in 1990 and he was stationed at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia. His tenure in the Navy included months aboard supply ships during Operation Desert Storm, where he served in the Interior Communication and Engineering Department. His fellow service members tell of his mentorship and the advice he would provide them, and they write passionately of the role Mr. Bailey played in their own tours of duty. Mr. Bailey served faithfully, and was honorably discharged in 1994, when he joined the reserves. He continued in the reserves until 1997 when he was arrested.

Veterans like Howard are an integral part of American life. They put their lives on the line for the freedoms enjoyed by Americans, and that sacrifice demands respect. It also comes at a cost: veterans often struggle to adjust to life outside of the service. Howard served this country honorably. He then made a mistake when he reentered civilian life, but he worked hard to right the ship after that mistake. And he had completed that task: he built a thriving trucking business, supported two lovely children and his extended family, and served his family and his community as he had served his country.

Given his successful rehabilitation and his service, it is particularly cruel that he should face a second round of punishment for a mistake made over fifteen years ago. We recognize Mr. Bailey’s service to the country, and we support his application for a pardon. Howard should be reunited with the family he loves and allowed to return to the country he so proudly served.

We support our fellow veterans and respectively ask that you grant Mr. Bailey’s application for a gubernatorial pardon so that this American veteran may return back to the America he so dearly loves.


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