The Couture Horse Textile Design Form
Do not worry about answering questions on the order form wrong. There will be ample opportunity for you to talk to your designer about what you want. Traditional couture entails a lot of personal attention. Likewise, the Couture Horse wants to make sure you receive the Couture Experience. The first few questions are just about you so we can reach you. Then we get into what you want. After we contact you to set up a time for your initial couture consultation, we will ask you to send us your digital image(s)!
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Don't worry, we will NOT telemarket you. We'll use your contact number only to get in touch with you about your couture experience.
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Please pick 3-4 colors that you like from the below drop down *
If you have a specific color you are trying to match, we will ask for the "PMS number" or a color swatch. In the meantime, just give us a broad idea of what color/s you want to see in your print.
Select 1-2 print styles here. *
Choose from the styles below or just tick undecided if you aren't sure. There are no wrong answers.
How do you plan to use your material? *
Here's where you tell us about your vision. Shirt? Saddle Pad? Curtains? You tell us!
Please let us know if you have a desired fiber content so we can best direct your couture experience.
This is not a mandatory question - some people have very strong views about what they want, others will need a little more guidance. Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum, our trained fashion designers can assist in chosing the perfect fiber content for your fabric, based on your intended use.
Preferred Form of Contact
Do you prefer e-mail or telephone communications? Your initial consult will be via telephone, so we can quickly explain some of the details of your couture experience. But after your initial consult, we are happy to communicate as you best prefer.
Do you have any special requests we can help with?
This is where you get to tell us how you want to have a custom couture yoke designed for the back of your show shirt, or a model horse blanket with your barn colors, or Christmas stockings with your horse's picture on it, or a panel of cut-and-sew ornaments of your animals to hang on your Christmas tree. We're happy to help. Just ask us. G-rated only, please!
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