Haggerston Baths development impact survey
We would be grateful if you could take a few moments to provide your views on the proposals for the redevelopment of Haggerston Baths that were submitted to Hackney Council in March 2020.

You can view the planning application online at Hackney Council's Planning search page. The application number is 2020/0357


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We will use the information provided in this survey to demonstrate the local community’s views on the proposed redevelopment of Haggerston Baths. This includes providing the information and data you provided to Hackney Council for this purpose only. We may share the results of the survey with third parties and interested parties, but we will not share email addresses of participants. Email addresses are requested only to ensure participants only complete the survey once. We will not use your data for any other purpose, including marketing, and we will not use the information to contact you.
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Please carefully read each statement and choose which answer you agree with.
1. Proposed use. (please read and then choose your answer).
The proposed re-development includes a mix of commercial office space (for approx 800 desks), a coffee shop and designated community space which will be available for event hire on weekday evenings and at weekends. More details can be found in the planning application (see link above). The Gross External Area is anticipated to be: (i) commercial office space 6022 sqm, (ii) café 56 sqm; (iii) community hall 105 sqm.
The proposed use of Haggerston Baths benefits the community *
2. Information about the development
The consultation involved two daytime public exhibitions, a local drop in and a written consultation of 6 questions (link below) which was posted to 9000 local residents.

I feel I have been adequately consulted about the proposed redevelopment of the Baths *
Proposed six-storey office development with roof terrace on top floor.
3. Design
The proposal includes demolishing the western laundry wall and building a six-storey extension for commercial office space and three-storey private terrace (as illustrated above). The height of the office will exceed the existing roof by two stories and will extend out beyond the current site boundary.
I support the current design of the office space and roof terrace *
4. Heritage features
As a Grade II listed building, the design should:

"Not lead to substantial harm to or total loss of the significance of the building and should harmonise with the period, style, materials and detailing of the building; and
Relate sensitively to the original building and not adversely affect the internal or external appearance or character of the building, curtilage or its setting"
Considering the points above, I consider that the design: *
5. Impact on residents
The proposed commercial office block on the west side of the Baths will cause neighbouring residents to lose up to 67.8% of their daylight. The proposal concludes such adverse impact is acceptable due to the community benefit of the development.
I consider that the benefits of the development outweigh the adverse impact to neighbouring residents *
6. Impact
The proposed development anticipates 24/7 access to for 800 office workers, together with private event hire for functions, weddings and events. The proposal anticipates that access/ noise will be managed and mitigated by the building management company.
I am satisfied that the impact of the proposed use on the local area can be managed and mitigated by the building management company *
7. Mitigation
I would be more likely to support the proposal if the development did not have a significant impact on the external appearance/ significance/ character of the building *
8. Community benefit
As a member of the community, I expect to use / benefit from the development *
9. Commercial development
The proposal anticipates increased traffic/ noise pollution on Whiston Road and Laburnum Street (and neighbouring streets) due to deliveries (office, café, bar) and additional deliveries for event hire. The proposal estimates between 13-15 van deliveries per day (plus deliveries for events). The delivery entrance is located on Laburnum Street at the back of the Baths near Bridge Academy. The impact on traffic/ noise pollution to the surrounding streets caused by waiting taxis and personal deliveries to the office workers cannot be estimated.
I consider the increased traffic/ noise pollution is proportionate to the community benefit of the proposal *
10. Application
I would support Hackney Council in: *
Please briefly state the type of modifications you would expect/ support
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