Join The Africa YES 2019 Cohort (In Nairobi)
The Africa Young Entrepreneur Support (YES) Program is a 4-month intensive entrepreneurship, leadership, business training, and exchange program that provides early stage social entrepreneurs of between 18 - 29 years with the resources they need to discover opportunities, unlock their potential and create impact.

The program (happening in Nairobi) seeks to identify, inspire and empower 20 young social entrepreneurs to recognize opportunities, explore innovative approaches, mobilize resources, manage risks, and build viable social enterprises.

Some benefits of being part of the Africa YES 2019 program includes:
1. Develop your entrepreneurial leadership skills
2. Hands-on approach on building and growing your social venture
3. Access a network of entrepreneurs, mentors and opportunities (including internships, funding and workshops)
4. Access funding up to a total 15000 USD (zero-equity funding)
5. Access free co-working space for 3 months

The Africa YES 2019 program will run from 30th March 2019 to 27th June 2019 (every Saturday 9.00 am - 1.00 pm) in Nairobi. For more information, visit our website

Please note the program is fully sponsored, but requires you to be in Nairobi for the entire program period. The program sponsorship doesn't cover travel and accommodation for those coming outside Nairobi

We are so excited that you are interested in the program and cannot wait to learn about you and your social venture. Please respond to the questions in each section and upload your CV/Resume to be considered for the program

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