Grand Haven CyberSchool - Online Learning Readiness Survey
Please answer all questions honestly to determine if online learning is for you. This survey is for informational use only.
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1. My technology access is best described as: *
2. My technology skills are best described as: *
3. When it comes to learning: *
4. I am considering taking an online course because: *
5. I think an online class: *
6. If I have problems with the course work or technology, I: *
7. The amount of uninterrupted time I have to devote to an online class is: *
8. When I need help in class: *
9. Face-to-face communication is: *
10. Class discussions are: *
11. I would describe my personal style as: *
12. When it comes to procrastination: *
13. My critical thinking skills are best described as: *
14. Online courses require more reading than typical face-to-face courses. Nearly all directions, lessons, and assignments have a text-based component. Which of the following best describes your reading ability: *
15. Written communication and assignments are a required component of online learning. Which of the following best describes your writing ability: *
16. Please explain why you are interested in enrolling in Grand Haven CyberSchool. *
Why would this be a good fit for you as a student? Include any background information you think is necessary.
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