Senior Parents: How can we honor your kids?
Senior parents:

I have been trying to come up with ways that we might be able to safely honor your kids. One idea I came up with was creating yard signs (like some people put in their yard to encourage passersby to vote for political candidates.) I thought we could put them up in front of the marquee on campus towards the end of the year, let them stay up for a week or so, and then you could stop by whenever it was convenient for you and pick your sign up and take it home. My original intent was that I would pay for them out of pocket, but when I got pricing back, I found out it will be about $15/sign to print one-sided or $25/sign to print double-sided, and that is out of my personal budget. Whatever we need to do needs to be equitable so that all our band seniors are honored in the same way. I realize finances are a scary thing for many families right now, but others might be okay, so my next thought was to poll everyone to get their thoughts on the idea, to see if anyone had a better idea, etc. If enough of you are on board with this idea, perhaps some could pay for their students' sign and that would bring us down to less students and I would be able to afford the others out of pocket. Please fill out the survey below so I can figure out a way to move forward and come up with a plan for admin to approve. (PLEASE KEEP IN MIND this is a starting point and anything we decide would need to be approved by admin.)
Do you like the idea of yard signs? *
If we do yard signs, could you afford apx. $15 to pay for your child's sign to be printed one-sided? (I will be the only one seeing these results- please answer honestly. No judgment.) *
If we do yard signs, could you afford apx. $25 to pay for your child's sign to be printed double-sided? (Again, please be honest- your answer is confidential and there is no judgment at all on my end.) *
Do you have a different idea that might be better? If so, please share below- I am open to other ideas!
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