Motivating employees
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"Takeaways" and applications
What "new takeaways" from the readings (or videos) on employee retention and motivation could you or an organization you are familiar with have fruitfully applied, and in what specific situations? You don’t need to describe the specific situations where the takeaways could have been applied in your write up but please be prepared to describe them in class. Also the “new takeaways” don’t have to be ideas that you had literally never thought about or which are completely non-obvious. They can be things that that you had not given serious thought to and ideas that are obvious once pointed out. Also the takeaways need not be explicit in the readings but merely prompted by the readings.
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Doubts about practical utility
The practical utility of which propositions do you have the most doubts about?
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Observations about "efficiency wage" and "hierarchy of needs" and Theory Y
What relationship do you seen between an “efficiency wage” (Ford), “hierarchy of needs” (Maslow) and Theory Y (McGregor)? How relevant and useful are these ideas today?
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Other observations and reactions (optional)
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