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This 5-week remote communications course will explore elements of storytelling and improve existing communications skills within a framework of the 5 senses and the 6th sense of intuition that we share with our ancestors. Writing instructors are trained to ask students to write about what they see in front of them. The aim of this course is to take it a step deeper with writing and speech exercises that will improve existing communications skills in a generative space in service of individual and collective liberation. Students will be guided by a traditional course model inspired by my work as a Teaching Assistant at the Harvard Summer school combined with assignments, prepared readings and a weekly class hosted in Zoom. 

Integrating Communications is a culmination of my own journey as a life-long student, healing justice facilitator, communications consultant and storykeeper. I teach from a place of my own integration path/camino and teach in-person and remotely from ancestral lands in Boriké/Puerto Rico. 

Teacher Bio: Cassandra Lopez Fradera is a coach, Reiki practitioner and sacred storykeeper with a Masters in Journalism Studies from Harvard University. She has used language as a tool rewire her brain from the trauma of domestic and colonial violence and now integrates a holistic approach to healing to her work as a writer, consultant, and circle-keeper.

In her own words, “I’m a digital doula interested in decolonizing the ways that we use the internet so we may return to ourselves what is sacred and our birthright: the right to self-determination. I teach from the space I healed and trained with mentors and ancestors.

If you are a seeking individual coaching, please visit:
January 22 - February 19
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Class Availability: Wednesday 1/22, 1/29, 2/5, 2/12, 2/19
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Image description: Cassandra alongside her spirit brother at Jayuya, the sacred sight for our Taino ancestors in Boriké at the 50th annual artisan fest with deep appreciation and love!!! Contrary to the American government labeling our people as extinct, we are very much still here!
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