Copy of FY18 Spring Parent & Family Engagement Survey
Dear Parent/Guardian,

Please take a few moments to answer the following questions. We value your feedback as a parent, school partner and participant in our annual needs assessment process. If your children attend multiple schools, you will need to take the survey more than one time. Responses will be summarized and analyzed in order to plan for the next fiscal year. The estimated time to complete the survey is between 5-10 minutes.
My child currently attends the following school: *
Child's Grade:
Information *
How well do you feel that your child's school provides you with information on ways you can participate in the school's parent engagement activities?
Communication Preference *
How would you prefer to receive information about the school?
Participation *
Which of the following would enable you to participate in parent meetings and school activities?
Interest *
Please indicate below the types of academic support workshops in which you would like to participate.
Awareness *
Are you aware of the resources available in the Family Resource Center at your child's school?
Accessibility *
Do you have any electronic devices in your home to take advantage of online educational resources?
Parent Portal *
Do you use the Parent Portal website to view your child's academic progress at school?
Input Family Engagement *
Do you have a suggestion that would strengthen the parent and family engagement program in your child's school?
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Input Student Achievement *
Do you have a suggestion on how your child's school can help you work with your child to be more successful in school?
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