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                                                                         Dignity Act Now Collective
                                                             "Our Voice, Our Movement, Our Power.”

We show up as a force for transformational change that empowers us to aspire to our highest selves. 
DANC was formed by a group of impacted activists and artists who decided "Enough is Enough": Madusa Carter, Kris Keen, Dana Lomax-Williams, Mary Enoch Elizabeth Baxter, Rachel Santiago & Melannie Taylor.
Our collective is for formerly and currently incarcerated Black and Brown gender-oppressed people (those who are treated unfairly because of their gender identity. This includes women and members of the LGBTQ+ community).  

With this welcome, we are inviting you to join our movement for cultural change. We offer Peer to Peer Support Group & Political Training to help formerly incarcerated people navigate ReEntry. Our goal is to lower recidivism and keep our communities together. DANC plans to ensure this by continuing to participate in National Bailout, push forward legislation that affirms the dignity of people behind the walls, demand legislation that will "shack down" the Department Of Corrections, and empower marginalized communities to have a voice. All, with your help and/or support!

Our Mission: “Our Voice, Our Movement, Our Power.”  We show up as experts of our own experiences, utilizing the arts to create, promote, and instigate systemic change. We show up as a force for transformational change that empowers "Us" to aspire to our highest selves, for the collective, for oppressed people, for formerly incarcerated Black and Brown Womxn and non-binary people.

We are asking our supporters to donate and/or join one of our four Committees: 1. Therapeutic , 2. Communications, 3. Resource, 4. Membership.

Donate - https://linktr.ee/DigntiyActnowcollective

The Communications Committee works together to develop a multilayered communications strategy that engages working-class communities impacted by the police using multimedia art tools.

The Membership Committee is responsible for developing and maintaining the membership through recruitment and development strategy, as well as prioritizing and "staying in the loop" around the health, well-being, and capacity of members.

The Resource Committee is responsible for identifying and procuring information, data, and funding, both local and state level. Dignity Act NOW Campaign includes documenting all accessible resources in Pennsylvania and Nationwide for formerly incarcerated women and gender-variant people.

Therapeutic Support Committee provides a safe space for community healing and trauma-informed care.  

These committees uplift and support the leadership of impacted people. We need your support to win our FREEDOM and sustain re-entry.

For Question/more information
contact Melannie Taylor
Head of Communications
412 437 1796

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Dignity Act Now Collective wants to thank you for all your support. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact Head of Communications, Melanie Taylor at Melannie@marysdaughter.net or 412-437-1796.
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