& "ReThinking Startups" (Intro & Interest Form)
A) ~99% of Startups will FAIL.
B) ~100% of Founders BELIEVE they will be the ~1% to Succeed.
C) That is F***ing CRAZY!!

P.S. [But, sure, let's just keep repeating the same approach and expect things to magically improve!] #SarcasmFont

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[Obviously there are MANY reasons why startups fail. Below are some we intend to address]
CHECK THE BOX FOR ANY THAT SEEM (potentially) INTERESTING TO YOU... (to possibly get involved? to hear more about? or even just to support from afar)
YES, of course, we realize our plans are AMBITIOUS & UNCONVENTIONAL (ridiculous & unprecedented?)...
...But is it really any crazier than continuing to approach Startups "the normal way" and expecting anything other than the normal ~99% FAIL rate?!?
FULL DISCLOSURE: Some of the above doesn't fully exist yet - so it may initially be a bit disorganized until we find some good partners (organizers? operators? program coordinators? venue hosts?)...
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