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Some Innovative New [*S.*H.*I.*T.] to Share!

[And, to be honest, we really think some of this could be GAME-CHANGING for Idea Stage / Early Stage Entrepreneurs!]

RE-THINKING: Startups? Side Hustles? Labels? Definitions? Perspectives? Goals? Success Metrics? Status Quo Bias?
Don't Quit Your Day Job!!
Going All-In on a FULL-Time Startup is... a HUGE AND UNNECESSARY RISK!
Joing us for PART-Time "Starter Startups" is... LESS BINGE-WATCHING ON NETFLIX?!
#JoinUs -- Nights/Weekends Opportunities for Entrepreneurial Marketers, Managers, Designers, Developers, Influencers, or anyone looking for something MORE than their "regular" job!
All "Starter Startups" in our cross-promotional Product-Content-Marketing [Whatever!] Network will benefit from some * "Secret Sauce"
* ...from our 12+ years, creating 50+ Viral Ventures, engaging 495+ Million people! [Join us as we seed/launch new VIRAL PRODUCTS via new VIRAL MARKETING experiments!]
YES, we realize our plans are AMBITIOUS & UNCONVENTIONAL (and that some will say “it all sounds crazy”)...
Is our approach really any crazier than continuing to approach Startups "the normal way" and expecting anything other than a "normal" ~99% FAIL rate?!?
POTENTIALLY INTERESTED (in any of the above?)??
FULL DISCLOSURE: Some of the above may initially be a bit disorganized as Jeff searches for GREAT people (organizers? operators? program coordinators?) to help him run it all... But If you can handle the initial bumps in the road, we believe it is going to be AN AMAZINGLY GAME-CHANGING EXPERIENCE!!
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