FAB Firework ABatement Campaign firework log and survey
INTRODUCTION ---- All data collected is anonymous, see Recital 26 (https://gdpr-info.eu/recitals/no-26/)

As the government refuse to collect and collate firework information, kindly fill out this survey to enable FAB to forward data to Helen Jones MP. This information will be used to move our campaign forward.

There are 3 sections to this questionnaire/survey.
Section 1. Firework log for ALL fireworks you hear from your home.
Section 2. To record any injury/distress to persons
Section 3. To record any injury/distress to animals

After completing section 1 if you have suffered injury or distress please complete section 2.
If an animal belonging to you has been caused any injury or distress please complete section 3.

Please log any fireworks you hear from your home, at any time of year.
First part of postcode eg. NG32 to enable us to find hotspots in UK
Your answer
Time and Date of incident.... (depends on your browser, may need to be day first or month first)
POLICE - We know some members find difficulty with police attending or giving incident numbers, due to lack of resources. We are trying to highlight these areas to government.
Please add police force name, incident number if you were given one and a short explanation of why/if police were disinterested.
Your answer
Did the fireworks originate from
Were you advised of the display?
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