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Thank you for replying to this forum. We are looking for people who wish to be involved in our podcasts. Please consider some of the positions we have available and let us know if you have anything you'd like to contribute.

*Please note this information will remain private and not be shared publicly.

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Please consider the following roles, let us know what interests you!
If there are other ways you would like to contribute that are not listed below, please write to us at the end of the form.
Treasurer / Accountant
This job consists of handling all financial components of the Capilano U Radio Collective. The treasurer does NOT need to have an accounting/business background.
Secretary / Coordinator (FULFILLED)
This job consists of being the first point of contact for anyone that wants to be involved with the collective. This person is the face of the station and will be directing inquiries accordingly.
Outreach Coordinator (FULFILLED)
Are you ambitious, social and love to discover? We need you to be our gateway and connections to the various departments and people around the area. We need you to help us get the word out, and spread the news about the exciting things that are going on at Capilano U Radio. Any graphic/design background is an asset though not required.
Show Producer / Story Coordinator
Are you a writer, a gossiper, or a reader? We need you to help us find the right people, the right stories and topics to get on the air! You get to decide what goes on the air and manage the content being broadcasted.
Host / Co-Host
Do you love to talk? Do you have a velvety speaking voice? Can you read fluently like Oprah? We need you! You will be the voice of the radio. You will collaborate alongside a producer to put shows on the air. Please note, you will have to be handling technology frequently.
Contributor / Speaker / Guest
Do you have something you're passionate to talk about? Perhaps a subject, or have a great story to tell? Have you considered telling that story on the air? We would love if you could be a part of a show.
DJ / Music Host
Are you passionate about music? Do you have particular genre or bank of artists you would like to share with the world? As a DJ, you get to pick what goes on air and host your very own hour of whatever you want. You will be introducing songs, hosting contests live on the air, taking requests, and being the guru of all things music.
Maybe you're not sure if you want to be a part of the process, but you just want to listen to some quality radio! That's awesome. We'd love to have you join us.
Have an idea of how you'd like to contribute, not listed above? Tell us!
Your answer
Thank you for your time. We will be getting back to you in the near future.
Please note: It could take us several weeks to respond to your ideas. Please be patient, as we make our way to you.

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