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During the weeks prior to the WTTD it is recommended to encourage the clubs to open their doors as part of the strategy . That means "Come´n´Try", giving the possibility to anyone to play for free during the period prior.
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Plase have a look at -> Meet up 2017. We want to give you the possibility to connect with other initiatives and create a worldwide networking. This means that we will publish your initiative and a general contact that you provide us for this purpose. This enables others to contact you as well as you can contact others. If you are not interested, please click no and submit the form without answering the following questions.
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Please describe shortly why you want to connect with people. This can range from materials you need up to the wish of creating an exchange. Always remember: there is no guarantee that you will get what you want, but this could be the first step to create long term worldwide partnerships!
Please provide us a contact possibility that we can publish on our webpage.
Please consider that this information is PUBLIC, so put a contact anyone would be able to contact you (this could be a link to a Facebook page, to your webpage, or an e-mail address, for example). The contact details will be deleted after April 6 2017.
Please confirm that you send one image to be published in the "Meet up 2017" section as soon as possible to:
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