2021-2022 Walden West Cabin Leader Application

Per the Santa Clara County Office of Education, and in support of the California Department of Public Health, all volunteers working on-site at a school campus supporting school functions (including Walden West) MUST BE FULLY VACCINATED for COVID-19, AND be required to test for COVID-19 at a frequency to be determined by SCCOE, which shall be a minimum of two tests per week, up to testing every workday. SCCOE strongly encourages all eligible staff, volunteers, and students to get vaccinated.

Your final dose should have been given more than 2 weeks before your week at camp.

Applicants should be a high school sophomore or older, up to 22 years of age.

Make sure your school is allowing you to volunteer.

Check with your parents/guardians that you are allowed to volunteer.

Know the week(s) you are available to volunteer.
- Avoid weeks of school events or testing, or events on your personal calendar.
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