Antidepressants & Sexual Side-Effects
This ANONYMOUS small survey is to help ascertain and gauge how many people feel their sexual functionality and possible relationships have been negatively affected by prescription medication. At PAST.WALES our clients often have questions about their sexual side-effects during or after taking prescription medication and look for support in this area. We aim to raise awareness of this area through this anonymous survey so that people do not feel isolated and can feel empowered to seek support groups or be signposted adequately and appropriately. All data is strictly confidential and will be collated and general assumptions made based upon each criterion of the question, compiled and shared ANONYMOUSLY and accordingly through and @pastwales.
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Are you on any antidepressant prescription medication? *
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How long have you been taking the medication for? *
Since beginning the medication, have you experienced ANY sexual dysfunction? Checkbox(s) accordingly. *
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If yes to any of the above questions about your relationship, how has this affected your relationship? *
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0verall, have/did you notice (d) a decline in your sexual functionality? *
Overall, have/did you notice (d) persistent AROUSAL in your genitals? (This opposite effect can also happen with regard to antidepressants). *
THANK YOU for being open and honest about these sometimes debilitating side effects of antidepressants! If you and/or your partner would like to participate in a confidential conversation (in Cardiff on December 20th) about your side effects and would like to share further information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me as I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. All names, places, and identities will be kept anonymous and in the strictest confidence. Please place your email address below if I could contact you. Thank you!
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