The Temple Congregation Survey
In 2014, The Temple created a 5 Year Strategic Plan. We have since accomplished many of the goals set and maintain focus on those strategic priorities. Some examples of goals we have accomplished:

…we eliminated all debt by paying off the Temple mortgage
…we initiated a 5 million dollar campaign to “Secure Our Future”
…we cleaned-up financials to improve the trust of our Congregation
…we more than doubled the rate of members under 40 joining
...we unveiled a modern website to simplify communications
…we planned an upgrade of our kitchen and social areas
…and much more!

Now, in 2018, it’s time to update our long-term strategy to ensure The Temple’s success and sustainability. It is important that we gain YOUR feedback to ensure that the Board of Trustees focuses on YOUR priorities for the future!
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2. Are you a member? *
3. If so, approx. how many years have you been a member? *
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4. Do you have children living at home? *
5. I enjoy belonging to The Temple and value my membership.
6. Please list what you believe are the three most important programming aspects of The Temple.
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7. Why did you join The Temple originally? What are the key reasons you remain a member?
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8. How can we improve your engagement with The Temple? What programs or supporting services should we start or stop?
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9. If you have young children, how we can we improve your engagement and experience with The Temple?
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10. Share your feedback on The Temple staff, including Rabbis. What is your future vision for our clergy?
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11. What comes to mind when you think about the religious services and spiritual programming at The Temple?
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12. Why do you currently, or what would make you, donate generously to The Temple?
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13. Share your thoughts on The Temple’s current annual financial commitment/dues structure.
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14. Please share any additional input or feedback.
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