Free Medication Pop Quiz Part 4
We designed this medication quiz to give you a feel for our tests. This brief quiz is designed to test your knowledge about the various diabetes medications.
Beverly Thomassian, CDE Coach

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LR has type 2 diabetes, BMI of 29.1, takes metformin 1000mg and 20 units of glargine at home daily. A1c is 8.2%. LR is admitted to the hospital for an urgent coronary artery bypass surgery. Which of the following is an accurate statement?
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JL weighs 70 kg and takes 35 units of glargine at hs. Creatinine is 1.4, GFR 51. She also takes lispro, 5-7 units at each meal. For the past week, these are her fasting blood glucose levels: 95, 98, 79, 81, 73, 69, 71. Based on this information, what action would be recommended?
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MJ takes 25 units of glargine at hs. She also takes lispro, 5 units at each meal.  Her A1c is 6.3%. Due to new insurance coverage, she can’t afford the insulin copay anymore. Her provider agrees to switch her to 70/30 (NPH/Regular Insulin) twice daily. What would be her new dose of 70/30 BID?
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SL is a vibrant 52 year old with newly diagnosed diabetes and a history of bladder cancer. A1c is 8.7% and creat is 1.1, GFR > 60. SL is on metformin 1000mg BID and her provider recently added dapagliflozin (Farxiga) 5mg daily to get blood glucose under better control. As a diabetes educator and consultant to SL’s provider, what is the best action?
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Which of the following insulins can you mix with dedgludec (Tresiba)?
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