RHS Parent Survey
Your counselors at Ranburne High School would like your input in helping plan activities for the 2019-20 school year. Answer each statement below as you CURRENTLY feel. This is a short survey. If you cannot think of anything, you may place "NA" in the response box.

Thank you for your time!
What grade(s) is/are your child/children at Ranburne High School? You may mark more than one box if you have more than one child. *
I have a clear understanding of the school counselors' roles at RHS. *
My child/children and I feel comfortable talking to the school counselors about academic issues.
Classroom guidance lessons are beneficial for students. *
My child/children and I feel comfortable talking to the school counselor about PERSONAL issues. *
The school counselor helps students to develop socially and emotionally. *
The school counselors help students with their ACADEMIC issues. *
Choose the 5 topics that you feel are most important for your child. *
Do you believe that group parent meetings are beneficial? *
If yes, what topics to do think would be beneficial for parents?
Do you have any other suggestions for topics of group parent meetings?
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When would be the best time to host a parent meeting? *
Do you ever check any of the following for school information? *
Ranburne High School's website
Ranburne High School's Facebook page
The marquee sign outside the school
Cleburne County School System's website
Cleburne County School System's Facebook page
Please give any ideas that could help improve our counseling relationship or program here at school. *
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