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Sailor Circus Academy Age Requirement
The minimum age to participate in the Academy is six (6) years old. Children must be 6 years old by September 1st.
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Circus Experience
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The next question is regarding the Sailor Circus Academy which does NOT include summer camp or recreational classes. The Academy is the program that trains after school, during the week and performs in our Holiday and Spring shows.
If your child did not train weekly and perform in Holiday and Spring shows your answer is No.
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Sailor Circus Academy Training
Training typically begins after September 1st following a mandatory orientation and an evaluation of each student.
Beginner, Intermediate/Advanced Training Programs will be implemented in 2019-2020.
Sailor Circus Show Dates
Holiday Performances- Begin right after Christmas and typically last for four (4)days.
Spring Performances- Usually over two extended weekends including the Easter weekend.
Sailor Circus Academy Interest
Are you interested in receiving information regarding the upcoming season of Sailor Circus Academy (seasons are typically September-December and January - Easter weekend). *
If you are NOT interested in the upcoming Sailor Circus Academy Season would you like to be included in future mailings? *
Thank you for filling out this questionnaire. Interest does not guarantee participation in the Sailor Circus Academy. Once registration for the season has ended new students can not be enrolled into the Sailor Circus Academy.
Registration information will be emailed when it becomes available.
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