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Recently enjoyed a Meal Pack? Want to give direct feedback on it? We're all ears...
What was the name of the Meal Pack you cooked up?
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Please give the Meal Pack a rating out of 5 stars for the meals' overall flavour and enjoyment
Please let us know why you gave it this score. Eg. ease/difficulty of meals, effort level of the whole Pack, thoughts on shopping list cost, portion size, flavour and quality etc.
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How accurate do you feel the kitchen guides were in this Meal Pack?
Very inaccurate. A lot of inconsistencies and it was difficult to get to the end result.
Very accurate. No problems along the way, it was easy to follow.
Let us know what you want to see on the menu soon eg Lasagne, Calzone
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Did you make any twists or substitutions to the meals? We'd love to know if you did as it's great for other members to know! (Don't forget to add the specific meal each twist was for)
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I am happy for my twist, name and location to be shared with the club community. *
Can you give us your first name, surname initial, city and country for the twist? E.g. Mike H, London, UK
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On a scale of 0 - 10, how likely are you to recommend Packs as a product to a friend or colleague? 0 = would not recommend, 10 = highly likely to recommend
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