Rootwire Transformational ARTS Festival 2K18:
Street Team Information Form

Hello! Thank you for taking an interest in spreading the love for Rootwire Transformational ARTS Festival 2K18!

This year, Rootwire Street Teamers will have the opportunity to earn all sorts of prizes including free tickets to the Festival, Rootwire posters, Rootwire pins, Rootwire T-shirts, Rootwire hoodies, and the Grand Prize... ALL of the above items, as well as a commemorative Rootwire poster designed by one of our resident artists and signed by Rootwire 2K18 headliners!

To become part of the Rootwire Street Team and to begin earning points towards prizes, you will first need to fill in the requested information below. (Please be considerate and sign up for ONLY the shows you know you will attend, and please DO actually pass out the flyers.) Once that is complete, please refer to the Point Values for more information about our promotions and prizes!

Street Team Point Values

Even if you don't care about points or prizes and just want to help promote because you love Rootwire, we will still need you to fill out the info below so that we can get your promotional materials to you!

Thank you for your love and support, and we hope that you have as much fun promoting Live Music, ART, and Rootwire as much as we do... We'll see you on the "streets"! :)
First Name: *
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Username on Music & Event Forums: *
(must be the same for all forums to receive points)
Facebook Name: *
(Real name or not, we need whatever name you use on your personal Facebook profile)
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This is a live-updated webpage that is accessible to the public. Please provide whatever name or alias you would like to appear here.
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First and last name of who referred you. Answer 'N/A' if no one referred you.
Rootwire Street Team presence at shows
Please list any shows you will be attending that Rootwire artists (Past and/or Present) will be performing at between now and June 7th. List the artist, venue, state, and date. If you are attending larger shows (Phish, any Dead bands, SCI, Shpongle, STS9, etc), please list those as well.
Rootwire Street Team Poster promotion in select cities
Please select any cities on the list that you will be able to put up posters in. 5 points will be awarded when you hang 5 Posters in places they will LAST and take pictures with your smartphone. Places that count will be: record stores, yoga studios, massage studios, coffee shops, college post boards, restaurants, libraries, business windows, venue bathrooms etc. Places that will not count will be telephone poles, electrical posts, or any other non permanent places.
Poster promotion at festivals *
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