Youth Ministry Code of Conduct
Please make sure to fill out the Youth Ministry Consent/ Liability form as well as this form in order for your child (children) to be a regular attendee at St. John Neumann's Youth Ministry.

Furthermore, the youth should follow the following standards set by the Diocese of Harrisburg.
  • Youth should not possess or use illegal drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
  • Youth are expected to follow all schedules, rules, guidelines and emergency procedure plans of the program and facility. This includes such as curfew, pager and cell phone use, check-in, going off site.
  • Youth are to report any emergencies, concerns and safety issues immediately to adult leaders or chaperones.
  • Youth should immediately notify adult leaders or chaperones when noticing a stranger or intruder.
  • Youth should socialize only in public areas.
  • Youth are to obey directives from adult leaders or chaperones.
  • Youth are to dress modestly and appropriately.
  • Youth are to behave in a manner as not to hurt anyone verbally, emotionally, physically or sexually.
  • Youth are to refrain from using profanity.
  • Youth are to behave in a manner as to not put down, ridicule or make fun of another person.
  • Youth are to be on time and participate in all planned activities.
  • Youth are to work towards making the event a good and safe time for everyone.
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