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Hello & Welcome. Please fill out this application for my private mentorship & healing container. For more details about the specifics in this collaboration -- please visit: Your application will be reviewed and we'll reach out to schedule a connection call between you & Beth. 
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What are your preferred pronouns? (they/them) (she/her) (he/him) etc. *
What area(s) of your life are you ready to shift, expand, transform? *
Where do you feel stuck, confused, unclear, etc., in your healing & transformation journey? *
How comfortable are you about bringing the spiritual and mystical into your life-creation (or manifestation) process? *
How well do you prioritize self-care and healthy boundaries in your life? Is this an area you'd like to strengthen, or do you feel solid in your Self-practices? *
Are you familiar with your human design, astrology & numerology? *
What other forms of healing & self-development have you experienced? (reiki, reading books, courses, working with a guide, therapy, etc...) *
Why is NOW the right time for you to work with a healer or mentor? *
My private mentorship containers start at $4,200 (with payment plans available) are you ready to invest in yourself at that level?
Anything else you'd like me to know? I'm looking forward to connecting, xx.
Thank you for your application. We will be in touch to schedule a connection call. Big, big blessings to you ✨
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