Work/Life Balance Assessment
Work/Life Balance Assessment

Please select the statement that most closely fits your response to the scenario or to similar scenarios you might experience in your life.  Go with your gut response and do not over-analyze. If a statement does not apply to you, please select "Very  True". Once you click on the Submit button at the end, your response will be tallied and your score will be emailed to you.
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If you compared a list of things that you wanted to do each week (at work, with family and friends, for yourself) with a list of what you really did each week, the two lists would match. *
You are busy at work with a full schedule and a full inbox. If you delegate some of your work to a coworker - who could do the job adequately - you can leave work on time today and get home to your family. You delegate some of your tasks, even though you know that you can do a better job yourself. *
A coworkers comes to you with a question that is not in your area of expertise. You are on your way out the door to a family commitment. You are tempted to stay and help because she has helped you many times in the past. Rather than waste your time helping her search for answers you say "Ask Pete. He will be able to answer your question". *
You have clear boundaries between work and home. You turn off your cell phone after work hours when you are not "on call". *
When someone calls you after work hours about a work related question that is not an emergency, you ask them to call you back during work hours. *
You ask for help when you need it - at work and at home. *
You enjoy your home environment and find it a relaxing and nurturing place to spend time. *
You've been asked to be on the board of an organization that you have been involved with for years. It would be a three year commitment. You really don't have the time, so you say no. *
When running errands (dry cleaner, grocery store...) I plan my outings to maximize use of my time. *
You schedule time regularly for your household activities such as paying bills, laundry, grocery shopping, yard management.... *
You schedule time for needed personal activities such as medical appointments, haircuts, exercising, hobbies, time with friends.... *
When you are with a family member or friend, you give them your undivided attention and are not checking your email or text messages. *
You clear out and dispose of (donate/give away/garbage) anything that does not fit your life any longer. *
You only subscribe to publications that you have time to read (newspapers, magazines, journals...). *
You have enough quality time for family and friends. *
You use up all of your paid vacation time each year. You do not take work with you while on vacation. *
When you are sick you stay at home and take care of yourself and do not do work. *
You have an effective way of handling and reducing stress. *
You get enough sleep most of the time and feel rested the next day. *
You take a break away from work and have lunch daily. *
You regularly carve out quality time for people and projects that are important to you. *
You put your children in multiple activities because everyone else does - even though it means that you won't have any time for yourself. *
Overall, I live a balanced life. My physical, mental, spiritual and social needs are met. *
Are you interested in a free phone consultation if you qualify? *
What keeps you awake at night? What would make you feel better about this?
What is one thing that you could do to enable you to improve your work/life balance? What would that enable you to do that you are not doing now?
What is one area of your life - that if you focused on over the next 3 months - would make a huge positive difference in the quality of your life? Describe some measurable outcomes you desire. Then imagine that you have already accomplished these outcomes and describe what this would do for you. Using the format below, identify your focus area.
Focus # 1: Spend an hour of quality time with my spouse every week.

Measurable Outcomes:

I am aware of what is going on in his life.
I have time to get in touch with how he is feeling.
We will have time to plan our future together.

Motivation - what will this do for me:

We will become closer instead of drifting apart. We will have stronger connections in the future as we age.

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