Redefine Mental Health: Share Your Story
In a few sentences, explain how you feel when you experience your situations regarding your mental health. If you'd like to submit more than a few sentences, that's okay too! Whether you experience mild to severe anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, anything, we want to hear from you!

You can describe your mental illness through symbolism, metaphors, simple adjectives, any way that you feel accurately describes you experience.

Example 1: "My anxiety feels like a shadow, constantly in the back of my mind, waiting to pull me back inside to the chaos and disarray of panic."

Example 2: "I would describe my depression as a small fox that kind of follows me around telling me negative things about myself and causing a lot of doubt. He's just constantly there."

Your submission could be used and featured for a photography project I'm working on with my friend (@cojosphojos) to help speak out against the stigma that comes with mental health. We want others to not feel alone, but we need your help.

You can include your name, or you can submit this anonymously. I will respect your decision either way.

If you have any questions or would like more details about the project, please contact me at

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