Reinvest in Parent Ed - Goal Accomplished!
This petition is completed, no more signatures required.

Thank you to all 864 people who signed our petition! Your voice made a difference!

Bellevue College has decided NOT to implement the severe budget cuts. Our budget is restored to what it was in Fall of 2020. We will be able to offer a robust slate of classes next year. To learn more about our classes, or to register, go to

FYI, here is the text of the petition that we submitted to the Board of Trustees.

The Bellevue College Parent Education program's motto of 'Learning and Growing Together" exemplifies what makes our classes unique in the community. The children's program provides high-quality, low-cost, developmentally-focused education from infancy through elementary school age. The parent's program provides research-based, practical guidance on parenting skills and all the ways adult caregivers can support their children's learning and development. Because our classes serve families with children from birth to age 9, we offer un-matched continuity of support and education, and a stable foundation for the families' futures.

The BC Parent Education program has served thousands of families in our community since 1962. More budget cuts in the Parent Education Program would mean the loss of adjunct positions at BC, the loss of community supports to families of young children, and the loss of a legacy of parent education on the Eastside. Now, more than ever, we need to reinvest in community programs that support children and families.
Comments Received
With the 800+ signatures on the petition, we received hundreds of comments that talked about the importance of the program and the impact it has on families' lives. Some common themes we heard:
This program builds parenting skills and provides support for parenting challenges. Parents described it as a "lifesaver" that "helped me become the parent I am today."
The program builds the "village" to raise a child in. Many commenters shared that they found lifelong friends in our classes.
This program has a long-lasting, multi-generational impact. MANY commenters shared that they attended the program as a child with their parent, and then returned to the program decades later with their own child!
This program inspires children, as it nurtures their creativity and encourages them to explore.
This program serves diverse needs, as an affordable option, with both daytime classes for stay-at-home parents and evening and weekend classes for parents who work traditional hours, and serves many families who are new immigrants to our area or to the United States.
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