Admission Registration 2019
Important Notice (Please read before proceeding)
LKG, UKG registrations closed

*** Please note that there is a Daily Limit of 400 registrations ***
***SIBLING/STAFF/ALUMNI/EXSTUDENT Category without providing the proof (GRNO or Member Id or Employee ID) will be REJECTED.***

****Please note that this is just a registration and does not guarantee Admission****

Please fill in the details for the Registration for Admission of your child to The Indian School, Bahrain.
-Please make sure that the information entered are correct and accurate.
-If seeking admission for more than one child, please fill separate forms.
-Admission will be strictly based on availability of seats in each class.
-The Admission process will be according to the norms of Ministry of Education.
-For Admission to LKG the Child should be 4 years as on 31st Aug 2019 and so on for UKG and 1st standard.
-Provisional admission will be given based on admission test, successful scrutiny and submission of all documents.
-For the Admissions to Class 2 onward both the mark sheet and the TC has to be attested from the respective Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Embassies of Bahrain and the country from which the child is transferred.
-The Admission test dates will be intimated to the parents by email.
-Admission will be confirmed only after the submission of all the required documnets and the entire payment. (Fee Structure In case of admissions to siblings the parents should clear all the dues if any for the children currently enrolled in the school.
-Prospectus and application form will be given on the day of admission. (Cost of the prospectus and admission test fees are not refundable)
-Local transfers (transfers from any school in Bahrain to the Indian School) are not allowed.
-Decisions taken by the School, related to admissions, will be final and binding, school reserves the right to reject any registrations without assigning any reasons.

Admission guidelines -

Name of the Student (As per Passport) *
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Date of Birth *
Please enter the date of birth correctly, if wrong the application could be rejected.
CPR Number of the Student *
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Class to which The Admission is sought *
Priority Category (Proof to be submitted when called) *
If Priority Category Chosen is "Sibling", please enter Membership ID of the Parent
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If Priority Category Chosen is "Ex-Student",please enter the previous GrNo of the child
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If Priority Category Chosen is "Alumni", please enter GrNo of the Parent who studied in the school before.
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If Priority Category Chosen is "Staff",please Enter the Employee ID of the Parent
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Previous School ( If your child is just starting Schooling please write NA) *
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Country of the Previous School ( If your child is just starting Schooling please Choose "Not Applicable") *
Name of the Father (As per Passport) *
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Father's CPR Number *
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Mobile No *
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Alternate contact Number
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Email Address of the Parent *
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Name of Mother (As per Passport)
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Mother's CPR Number
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Mother's Mobile No
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Nationality *
Important Remarks (If Any)
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