Thank you for your interest in joining us at the 2018 INADANI Taiko Course - 25th Anniversary (Two Week Course) in Iida City, Japan from June 18 - 29.
This Beginner/Intermediate Course has a limited number of open spaces. Please take some time to fill out this application for a spot in this intensive workshop. http://www.tokara.net/japantaikocourse.html
*** Only available for full two week registration ***
One week registration open from December 2018 (subject to availability)
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Artistic Background
How long have you been learning/performing Taiko
If you a student or member of a group, which group?
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Do you have any special health needs? (i.e. medications, dietary needs, asthma, allergies, etc. - please be specific)
Please note that it is strongly recommended to purchase travel insurance before beginning your trip if you do not already have international insurance cover. Also, please write if you are Vegetarian or Vegan (for meals at the Ryokan).
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Do you wish to add one extra night at the accommodation?
Please choose if you would like to stay extra Saturday nights at the same accommodation, including after attending the Saiwai Shimoina Wadaiko Festival (June 23rd). Cost of one extra night = 6000yen per person per night (unless in Single or Double Room).
Do you wish to have your own room or share only with one other person?
Participants normally share rooms, between three and four to a room. If you wish to have your own room or only wish to share with a select few, there is an extra charge. Guests are charged on a per-person-per-night basis.
Breakfast at the Accommodation
Breakfast is included in the course. Please check which of the following applies to you for meals.
About Tokara
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If yes, when and where?
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