2020 Work/Study Kidstitute Application
We are gearing up for Kidstitute* 2020 and are excited about creating another incredible team that can create a fun and empowering space for learning, play and community building for this year's campers. The next step is you!

This year, we are focusing on community building, creativity, and deep Jewish learning, we hope to continue to highlight opportunities for multi-age play and learning, as well as child-directed activities. For those who are returning to Kidstitute, you can expect much of the same structures and responsibilities, and likely some small changes in the schedule and activities. As we plan the schedule for camp, we may be in touch about what the best fit is for you in terms of your shift and age request.

We would appreciate application submissions as soon as possible. The priority deadline for applications is SUNDAY, MAY 19th. Applications received by the priority deadline will be responded to by the end of May. Applications received after the priority deadline will be considered as space permits.

We can't wait to have every one of you to be part of the Kidstitute community in some capacity, but it is unlikely that every applicant will be able to have a formal role at Kidstitute. If finances are an issue, please email grants@main.havurah.org

You do not have to be registered for Institute yet in order to apply. It is also fine to register for Institute now and enter your discount code later. Answers given here will be taken into consideration when assigning groups and scheduling, in order to create a diverse and enthusiastic Kidstitute team!

Please feel free to reach out to Kidstitute Director, Tiferet Nashman, at kidstitute@havurah.org

*formerly known as Kids Camp
Email address *
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Primary Phone Number *
Cellphone Number
Please enter your cellphone number that you will have this summer, if different than above.
Position Applying For *
Please select all positions that you are interested in applying for.
If you selected SPECIALIST above, please let us know a little about what type of specialist you would like to be (music, art, dance, drama, etc)
Desired Age Groups *
Please mark which age groups you would like to work with. If there are age groups that you are unwilling to work with, please indicate that in the next question.
Shifts *
Please respond to each item so that we can take your preferences and strengths into account as we place you in a particular shift at camp.
Additional Shift Information
Please share any additional information you would like us to take into account when assigning shifts. (Ex. My partner is also applying and our kids will be at Kidstitute; I have a 2 year old child and would prefer not to staff their group; I have chronic fatigue syndrome and can only work mornings; etc.)
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