Thank you so much for showing an interest in helping us put on the rubber weekend, we can't do it alone so we're so grateful whether you want to do tons or if you only have a little time. Last year was was the first time we had the crew all fully structured and time tabled and it seemed to go smoothly thanks to everyone's amazing attitudes, friendly smiles and can do attitude! The more of us that chip in the less we'll all have to do meaning everyone gets to enjoy the majority of the weekend. Thank you in advance for agreeing to help make it happen and being proactive in the community! And don't worry, no one will be expected to work all weekend, we all want to enjoy it!

Even if you can't stay for Second Skin and have work Friday day we'll really need everyone just for an hour and a bit.
(Thursday 20th April 19:00)

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City *
We welcome friends from other cities to help but obviously might not be able to help in the lead up to or after the event.
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Do you use WhatsApp? *
Over the weekend a WhatsApp group may be the best way to all stay in touch.
Are you on Facebook? *
This will be so we can make a Crew group if we want to chat together over the weekend.
Were you part of the MRM7 or MRM6 Crew? *
Please tick in which ways you could help at MRM8 *
How happy are you approaching strangers? *
Sounds silly but we really need to welcome new guys and if you WANT to help welcome people but also find yourself lacking confidence, we don't want to stress you out so will make sure you've got support or aren't doing hosting duties on your own. Equally if you're really happy going up to everyone you might be great for helping host.
Are there any other skills you think could be useful?
Things like great bondage equipment, demos/workshops, photography, sign language that could all add to the weekend.
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Please tick all events you are around for. *
Anything you don't want to work?
If there's one particular favourite event you REALLY want to just enjoy above all the others let us know so we can try to fit things around that and not put you on the rota for that.
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Please state any days you might be able to help a little before the weekend (Prepping tickets & Darkcell etc)
Hopefully this year with not having to build the Bangkok basement from scratch there won't be much to do but we have access to Sub101 to set up Darkcell ALL week so knowing if people are free to help will be great)
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Do you have a weekend ticket yet? *
We will be offering a weekend ticket for Crew as a thank you , if you already have it we will refund you.
How excited are you for MRM7?
I CAN'T EVEN!!!!!!!
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