Conflicts Check Form
If you would like to submit your case to be reviewed by our legal staff for possible legal assistance or appellate representation, the first step is to complete this Conflicts Check Form. If you do not have a safe email address where we can reach you, please call us at (510) 858-7358 to complete this process with us by phone.

Complete this form only if you meet all of the following 3 requirements:
1. I am a survivor of domestic violence and/or intimate partner abuse.
2. I have a family court or civil court order I want to appeal, or I am defending against an civil appeal.
3. The order I want to appeal was issued by a California court, and is less than 1 year old.

If you do not meet all 3 requirements, we have other resources available that may help you. Please return to the previous page and select the the button that says "No, but I still need help."


FVAP provides free legal help and attorney representation in appellate court to survivors of domestic violence or intimate partner abuse who need assistance with appeals cases. We are a small nonprofit, so unfortunately we cannot help everyone who requests our assistance.

Complete and submit the form below. Someone from FVAP will contact you within 1-2 business days for more information about your case.

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